MFA Thesis Exhibition

Xavier Bernal Bladh – Mirrors of Wonder

“Mirrors of wonder: the museum as craft medium”

My research articulates the museum as a craft medium by displaying the outcome of an artist in residency at an imaginary museum: the Museum of Mythical Paleontology. The artist’s works employ mythical creatures as metaphors to comment on complex contemporary issues such as illegal migration, cultural identity, or gender roles.

Robert Froese – Measured Composition

Measured Composition showcases elements of pottery production, wood platforms, paint, and gaffer’s tape to demonstrate essential connections between pottery and sculpture, utility and ritual, and spatial and musical composition.


April 2 – 21, 2018


Thursday April 12, 2018
5 – 7pm


*Please note the gallery will be closed April 6 and 11 for thesis defense

Public Programs and Other Events

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