Alexandra BischoffSkin on Skin Stacey Cann – Tally

Alexandria Inksterthen we would have no secrets

Claire Becq, Gillian Mitchell, Andrew FrosstCraft Practise

Elaine WeyschkoYou Can Call Me Baby

Emily Promise Allison – Dance of the Spheres

Kyrsten LoftsDeath Into Eternity

Lindsay SorrellInspirational Speeches

McKenna PratherShortness of Breath

Miguel Michelena – Untitled 7th

Natalie LauchlanTouched

Shelby Page(Syntax – Life) + Semiotics x Clay = Narrative

Stacey Cann – tally

Terrance Houle and Cobra Collinsiitahwáákomímmotsiiyo’p: what makes us love each other

Tia HallidayTHE PALPABLE NATURE OF PRAXIS (After Critical Pedagogy)


IKG LIVE is a 2 day long festival dedicated to live art (including happenings and actions, performance, physical theatre and dance). Each day includes live performances that will take place in the Illingworth Kerr Gallery, one after the other or simultaneously. Organized by Lorenzo Fusi, Visiting Academic Curator, up to 15 artists or artist collectives are selected through an open call for submissions. IKG Live offers a platform and stage for regional artists based in Alberta, whose practice actively engages, challenges and questions the notion of temporality within the exhibition context, to showcase their work.

In addition, a special guest will deliver a keynote presentation on the occasion of the event and in consultation with the curator and IKG staff select the best work, awarding the winner with a prize of $3000. In the first iteration of IKG Live, Terrance Houle and Cobra Collins were awarded $3,000 for their performance, iitahwáákomímmotsiiyo’p: what makes us love each other. A $500 special mention was awarded to Stacey Cann for her durational performance, tally.

Performance Festival

April 7 – 8, 2016

11am – 5pm

all photos courtesy Jeremy Pavka